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Collagenwave & Peels

Le Chic by Nicole has introduced the Collagenwave to the Southend Area.

This treatment uses a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound for a series of very effective facial and body treatments, to tighten the tissues, visibly diminish lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate skin, diminish stubborn fatty deposits, and improve the aspect of cellulite and stretch marks.

To achieve the best results you might be recommended to have a combination of Collagenwave, TCA Peels and homecare products.

Some of the most popular treatments are:

  • General Facial Collagenwave, to tighten the tissues, improve on fine lines and wrinkles, tighten the eyelids, give the jaw line more definition.
  • Combination of Facial Collagenwave and TCA peel, to improve skin health, radiance, firmness, and treat outbreaks or acne.
  • Bye Bye Jowls: Treatment concentrated around the jaw line. You will see a definite improvement after only one session.
  • Buttock contouring
  • Thigh treatment
  • Tummy treatment

The CollagenwaveTM has become an extremely popular treatment due, to the amazing visible and lasting results and the consequent endorsement by A List Celebrities, who have been recommending the treatment.

The success of the Collagenwave TM has unfortunately lead some manufacturers to try and copy the machine and some unscrupulous salons to promote treatments with those machines as being the equivalent to the CollagenwaveTM machine, which is not the case.

Le Chic has introduced the real CollagenwaveTM treatment about 6 years ago, when it was still relatively unknown. For the safety of the unsuspecting clients there will soon be an online register allowing them to check the list of salons equipped with the real CollagenwaveTM machine.