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Permanent Make-Up Southend

Why have permanent make-up?

Permanent Make-up is an easy and lasting way to subtly enhance your facial features and allow you to make the most of your natural beauty.

What to look out for:
If you have never had Permanent Make-up it is a big and somehow scary step to take. I therefore recommend that you have a look at the style of the proposed specialist to see if you like it. Her own style will be reflected in her procedures.

Ask to see some before and after pictures of procedures performed by her to see if you like the results.

As almost all the Therapist at Leigh Sanctuary Day Spa have had procedure by Nicole, you can see the “real life” results and have a chat with them about their experience.

What happens next?

Nicole will book you in for a free consultation, during which she will talk you through the envisaged procedure, pencil it on, so you can see what she proposes to do and answer all your questions. She will then perform a patch test, to ensure you are not allergic to the pigments and anaesthetics she uses and then, if you decide to go ahead, books you in.

What procedure to choose:

Lash enhancement / Eyeliner:

From Nicoles experience, probably 95% of women would benefit from a lash enhancement or eyeliner. It will give your eyes more definition and can make them look bigger or enhance their shape.

Brow enhancement:

As far as Brows are concerned, easily 65 – 70 % of women would benefit from an enhancement. Brows are a very important feature of your face.

The brow enhancement can recreate the perfect brow for those who have none or hardly any or simply want to enhance the shape of the existing brows...

Lip enhancement:

This is the perfect procedure for Ladies with a loss of definition to the outline of their lips. Appropriate use of pigments can also make your lips look fuller but beware of having your lips “enlarged” beyond their natural outline. Due to the tissue difference between skin and mucous membrane, even if at the beginning the results seem satisfactory, you are very likely to be soon disappointed.